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Our Setting in the Community

Thorpe House - Forest School

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Forest Schools, it is an outdoor activity where children are able to learn and play within a natural environment. There is a Forest School trained Practitioner on sight to guide and teach children through the six guiding principles; regular sessions, emphasis on learning through play and taking risks safely, using a holistic approach to learning, using natural resources, child-led with qualified practitioners to guide. Forest School is believed to increase a child’s confidence and self-esteem by problem-solving, being encouraged to learn and take appropriate risks within a safe environment.


Helen Rayner - Photographer

 I love my work as a photographer, specialising in families and children in South Bucks.  One of my favourite things that I do is work with the local nurseries. Each time I go back in the children remember me and I get to see how much they have grown and progressed in that time.  My main aim is obviously to capture their little personalities as well as their sparkly eyes! But we always end up having a giggle too which really helps them to relax and enjoy the experience.


I have been privileged to be able to call this my job for since 2010 and have met so many lovely families along the way. I am now an award winning,  qualified member of the Guild of Photographers and having been recognised, it has meant that my confidence has grown along with my expertise. 

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