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Mother of two boys, Silvia (or ‘Madame Silvia’ as she is known by the children) is the founder of Language Play which specialises in running language courses for pre-school and primary school children. She has been teaching the award winning La Jolie Ronde French programme in nurseries and primary schools in the local area since 2009. Bilingual in English and Italian, Silvia has a UK degree in International Marketing with French and worked for many years for multinational companies like Johnson & Johnson in senior management roles. She has been passionate about foreign languages from a very young age – having great fun learning French and English at primary school in Italy – and is now thrilled to share her love of languages by teaching them to young children!


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Madame Silvia


The pre-school music classes are designed to be fun and educational, supporting and enhancing the children's development and social interaction, whilst developing a keen sense of musicality and a love for music. Kiddleydivey has spent 21 years providing educational music classes to 0-4 year olds following the EYFS curriculum. Our music classes for the young are lively, interactive and help to facilitate child development, language skills, and coordination.

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In 1935 Mrs Monzani earned her teachers certificate as an AISTD ( Associate imperial society of teachers of dancing) and in 1936 Mrs Monzani would go to Buckingham Palace on Thursdays to teach royal classes to Elizabeth, Margaret and relations i.e Glousters and Kents children. Monzani School of dancing was officially established in 1947 in the Great Missenden and Amersham areas.  Mrs Monzani started classes in Amersham Community Centre in the original barn hall teaching ballet, tap and ballroom classes. During Mrs Monzani’s years of teaching, she has also taught in many local private and county schools within the area.


Now the school is managed by a close team of dance teachers and Miss Karen teaches the children here at CSP Montessori School. We believe that ballet is a perfect activity for early years as it promotes, balance, coordination, poise and most importantly confidence. Miss Jack has known Mrs Henry (the Principal of Monzani School of Dance) for nearly 20 years as both her daughters attended ballet sessions from being two and a half until they were eighteen.


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As a Montessori, we explore the technique of hands on learning, this includes cooking. The children at our setting cook every week, this promotes an understanding of foods, the body and the concept of processes producing an outcome. It also increases the use of fine motor skills and allows the children to demonstrate interest and concentration in a fun and different way.

Mindfulness and Yoga

Every week the children are encouraged to take time together to practice yoga and mindfulness.  This gives the children a moment to think about their bodies, how they are feeling and be aware of those around them. At Chalfont St Peter Montessori School, we combine fun yoga stretches, mindful breathing, calm discussions as well as many other techniques in order to encourage and promote a calm, respectful environment, that increases the individual child's resilience to tricky situations for the children. 

Court 18 Tennis

Court 18 Tennis delivers a world class coaching programme that encourages children of all levels to participate in tennis and enjoy all of its associated benefits. Court 18 is committed to developing a tennis coaching programme tailored to the specific needs of our school.  Whether your child is a beginner or not, Court 18 will accompany your child on that journey.

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Rugbytots enables your child to discover a new world of sporting imagination.

Your little Rugbytot will be part of a dynamic 30-minute sports play session packed with fun activities that will develop their social and physical skills in a positive environment.

Your child will learn about finding space, looking after the ball, scoring tries and running with the ball in two hands.

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