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Ofsted Outstanding 2019/20
Buckinghamshire Quality Assurance award July 2010

MEAB Accredited

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Here at Chalfont St Peter Montessori School, we pride ourselves in delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage using the Montessori method. Our children are exposed to exciting and innovative educational challenges through beautiful Montessori equipment combined with current technology. We encourage movement within the classroom and the children are able to explore both inside and outside. We offer additional activities including; cooking, mindfulness, ballet, Kiddley Divey music sessions, and French. All these activities, we believe compliment the Montessori method and enhance the children's learning. The children are able to plant, grow and harvest herbs, fruit, and vegetables. This allows them to develop their knowledge of healthy eating as well as a practical understanding of the plant lifecycle. We have sole access to a large court area where the children are free to develop their gross motor skills using a variety of outdoor toys and equipment.


What is Montessori and why is it right for my child?

The Montessori method of education is known throughout the world. What makes it special is the unique child centred approach to education. Dr. Maria Montessori is one of the most important early years educators of the 20th Century, her child initiated practices have had a profound influence on the education of young children. Dr. Montessori recognised the need for change in the education of young children to enable them to be independent learners. By devising specific activities, she encouraged the child to be both naturally eager for knowledge and capable to initiate learning in a thoughtfully prepared learning environment.


What does this look like in the classroom?


Practical Life - Arguably the most popular area of the classroom is filled with self affirming practical tasks that allow the child to develop their skills in such activities as pouring, threading and transferring. 


Sensorial-with such exciting concepts as dimension, size and form, the children are encouraged to use all senses to apply when learning. From the beautiful Broad Stair to the iconic Pink Tower, via Cylinder Blocks and rough and smooth boards, the child is able to grasp these wonderful concepts in a way that comes naturally to them.


Cultural- these shelves encourage the understanding of the world surrounding the child. The materials change with the seasons and will include a nature table with objects that the children perceive as special. Concepts such as the life cycle are demonstrated through the transition from tadpoles to frogs, hatching chickens and butterfly gardens. This enables the child to observe and be involved in the development of nature.


Mathematics- children are introduced to numbers using hands on activities which combine the use of numerals with quantities. The Spindle Box activity introduces the concept of zero and the use of Sand Paper Numbers helps develop the kinesthetic memory of shape. 


Language - we teach language using pure phonics, starting with Sand Paper Letters as they encourage the kinesthetic memory of the letter shapes. With triangular pencils, we help refine fine motor skills in preparation for pre-writing. Children are supported in learning letter sounds and word building using the large movable alphabet. Reading materials start with single words and picture matching and can develop further to full reading schemes. 




Quotes from our children

I like playing with my friends at school!






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Breakfast Club, Lunch and After School Club are available on an ad-hoc basis, subject to availability. 

Rugbytots enables your child to discover a new world of sporting imagination.

Your little Rugbytot will be part of a dynamic 30-minute sports play session packed with fun activities that will develop their social and physical skills in a positive environment.

Your child will learn about finding space, looking after the ball, scoring tries and running with the ball in two hands.